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Mailing Address:

Edna Township
PO Box 114
Dent, MN 56528

Meeting Location:

Dent Community Center
201 Birch Street
Dent, MN 56528

Board Member

Position & Term




Keith Brooke
42754 Engstrom Beach Rd
Dent, MN 56528

March 2026

(218) 371-9243


Kenny Moenkedick
38461 428th St
Perham, MN 56573

March 2027

(218) 234-7916

Ben Bucholz, Supervisor

Ben Bucholz
43793 E Paul Lake Rd
Perham, MN 56573

Supervisor, Chairman
March 2025

(218) 298-0065

Karen Marthaler, Treasurer

Karen Marthaler
37273 S Little McDonald Dr
Perham, MN 56573

March 2025

(218) 849-1383

Echo Dockter, Clerk

Echo Dockter
38182 N Little McDonald Dr
Frazee, MN 56544

March 2026

(218) 234-9129

  • What does the township do?
    Our main jobs are maintaining township roads and running elections.
  • When is the next township meeting?
    We typically meet every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Dent Community Center (the former Dent School building). The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. Our Annual meeting is typically held on the second Tuesday of March each year.
  • How do I add something to the meeting agenda?
    Please let the Clerk know at least one week before the meeting, if possible.
  • When is the township election?
    The township election is the 2nd Tuesday in March. Polls are usually open from 5-8 p.m. One Supervisor is elected every year. The Clerk is elected in even years and the Treasurer is elected in odd numbered years.
  • How do I register to be a candidate?
    The filing period for township offices is open for 2 weeks. It ends one month before the election. In general, this means the filing period opens at the end of December and closes the second week in January. Please check News and Announcements for the specific dates for the current year. There is a $2.00 filing fee, payable when you file. The requirements to be an officer are the same as the requirements to be a registered voter of the township.
  • How do I obtain an absentee ballot?
    For Township-only elections contact the clerk. For all other elections, please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State Elections and Voting website for more information on how to obtain your absentee ballot.
  • Who do I contact about property taxes?
    Contact the Otter Tail County Auditor Treasurer's Office for all township related property tax matters.
  • How do I submit an invoice to the township?
    According to township policy, invoices to be paid this month must be submitted before 5 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. You may use mail or email. The invoices should be sent to the clerk. Invoices that are not received by the deadline for the month will be moved to the next month.
  • Who do I talk to about noxious weed control?
    Keith Brokke is the Supervisor in charge of noxious weed control. Edna Township will provide weed control in the township road right-of-ways, but we need your help identifying the places that have noxious weeds. Edna Township will use chemical control (spraying) to control weeds. If you wish to opt out of the township spraying weeds on your property, please be sure to get this form to Ben as soon as possible.
  • Where can I get a swing away mailbox?
    Hilltop Lumber in Ottertail is one location that has the approved swing away mailbox posts.​ If you know of others, please let us know and we'll update this list.
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